Our Clients

Winter Quilts Group

Winter Quilts is well known reputed apparel manufacturing group in Sri Lanka. They are producing garments for UK and USA market. We have engaged with winter quilts and doing few process improvements projects Like Lean manufacturing implementation.



DINESHA Embroidery (pvt) Ltd.

Dinesha Embroidery (pvt) Ltd. Is well known embroidery plant in Sri Lanka since last few years We are engaged with Dinesha Embroidery during last few years and conducting supervisory development programs, Employee motivation programs, Leadership programs and other management programs time to time.



TFC Restaurant & Catering

TFC Restaurant & Catering stabilized in year 2011 and currently they have four facilities around the Sri Lanka. We have engaged with TFC and conducting "Behavioral frame work" project.



KANOKA Screen Printing (Pvt) Ltd

Kanoka Screen Printing (Pvt) Ltd. is well stabilized Screen printing plant in Sri Lanka. They have 07 years track record in the field. We have engaged with them and currently doing processes improvement project in their VSM (Value Stream Map). We are addressing Process Value Stream Map as well as Human Value Stream Map.



Needle Technologies (Pvt) Ltd.

Needle Technologies (Pvt) Ltd. is well known sewing machine supplier in Sri Lanka, during last 10 years. They are moving to Garment manufacturing during last few years and we have got the golden opportunity to work with them. We are consulting them to setup new manufacturing plant and our consultancy goes through A to Z, Horizontal, Vertical and 360 degree angles in this setup process.



“Sisalu Fashions (Pvt) Ltd” commenced its operations in the year 2013 as a member of the Tasma Group of Companies. “Maximum consultancy” we provide the consultation for manufacturing systems implementation in “Sisalu Fashion (Pvt) Ltd. Other than that we are the main human resource developer of “Sisalu” trough different training programs.



Wocal Timex (Pvt) Ltd.


Wocal Timex (Pvt) Ltd. Located at Export Processing Zone, Wathupitiwala is join venture of Wocal group UK and Timex group Sri Lanka. Wocal commenced its operation at 2007 and manufacturing Dresses, Blouses, Lingerie, Shorts, Skirts, Pants, etc. to Export market. Maximum consultancy, we provide quality concept enhancement programs and new concepts implementation in Wocal Timex.


Dial Textile Industries

Dial Textile Industries is a pioneer in apparel manufacturing in Sri Lanka. Established in 1979 it is a 100% subsidiary of Ahlers AG in Germany, which is the 2nd largest manufacturer of men’s fashion in Europe. Maximum Consultancy, We are providing them to the Knowledge of LEAN Manufacturing.