Engineering is vast area. We have well experienced consultant for following area and we did several projects in Apparel manufacturing field, Food manufacturing field, etc.

01.Layout designing & Facility Engineering

Layout is very important factor for any kind of manufacturing plant. If you can’t design it properly, it will be the main cause for waste. We are designing manufacturing plants layout to enhance the operational performance by considering ergonomics, minimum distance, operation relations and sequence. If you have plan to start new manufacturing plant or if you need to enhance the performance of currently available manufacturing plant, we can help you by providing proper layouts and installing other engineering facilities.

02.Automation and method improvements

When consider the productivity, efficiency, Accuracy, etc. sometime automation provide best solutions. We can get lot of benefits from automated machines & equipment even though initial cost is high. However when consider the payback period, excellent automated things gives very low payback period. We are providing that kind of automation solutions.
We are capable for Pneumatic, Hydraulic systems. PLC (Programmable Logic Control) is the main concept we use for our automations.

03.Maintenance Engineering consulting & Projects

We are providing consultancy for maintenance activities. As well as we are providing consultancy for maintenance related projects. Please contact us for any kind of maintenance related activities. We will provide you cost effective solutions.

04.Industrial Engineering (IE)

After setup all infrastructure facilities, Industrial engineering is very important subject to enhance the factory performance. We are consulting and doing all most all industrial engineering concepts. Such as line and layout balancing, Yamasumi charts, Method improvements, time & capacity studies, SMV allocation and SMV savings, work place arrangements and point Kaizen, etc. If you need support relating to IE contact us at any time.

05.Energy Saving projects.

Energy is vital factor for every organization. Energy cost increase day by day and effect to organization’s profit. So, are you like to run your factory with minimum energy cost? We have several energy cost saving projects like Sky lights, Evaporation cooling systems, Task light systems, UV filtered window systems, Sun panel systems, etc. we have lot of experience practicing those concept in Apparel manufacturing field.